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30+years Of Experience

Arti Dubey

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Industrial Psychology
  • M.C.A
  • Global Career Counsellor from Univariety and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Extension)
  • Premium Overseas Admission Certification of Specialization

Arti is a career counsellor who made the shift from teaching to helping students realise their aspirations. She has eight years of expertise teaching pupils in grades 1 through 10 and has given career advice to many of his students and relatives. Arti has conducted workshops for students on time management, stress management, and soft skills throughout her career as a teacher. She has also conducted numerous staff counselling sessions on themes including performance management, time management, stress management, depression and so on.

At Niraj Cement Structural Limited, Arti worked as the HR Manager and provided spoken English instruction, employee counselling, and soft skill training. Through her varied experiences while working there, she met many people with various skill sets. She understood that success comes to people when their strengths and passions perfectly complement one another. They work more happily as a result, which promotes a successful career.

Need for Counselling

Why Counselling

Counselling is now urgently needed in India due to the numerous challenges students face when choosing a career for the future. Indian parents hold their children to high standards and frequently exert pressure on them to choose a career path in which they may have little interest. Students are additionally vulnerable to peer and family pressure due to their youth.
According to Arti, students are under a lot of pressure, which includes personality conflicts, hormonal issues, social and emotional issues, and unhealthy behavioural patterns that have an impact on how they will behave in the future. It is our responsibility as responsible adults to allay their concerns and problems relating to their emotional, social, and behavioural needs and to create a tranquil, healthy environment that will aid in the development of their competency, emotional intelligence, and skill set.

About Ennmind

At Ennminds, our goal is to act as a bridge for progress. We want to provide people with individualised guidance, support, and resources to help them identify their core competencies, strengths, weaknesses, and skill sets that need improvement. We also assist in developing a guidance path that will enable individuals to develop to their fullest potential. Our experienced counsellors provide comprehensive support, from identifying goals that align with interests to actually achieving them.
"Those who believe in the beauty of their dreams have the future in their hands." - Roosevelt, Eleanor. Come along with us on this journey to realise your goals and realise your full potential.
Need for Counselling